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Bondville Charity Auction - Children's Cancer Institute Australia

Posted: Nov 21 2013

Christmas means so many things.  For us, it is about spending time with the people we love.  It's a universal feeling, and one we all relate to.   For me, it's also a time of new life, promise, and hope so you can imagine how excited we both are to be part of the Bondville 10 Year Anniversary Charity Auction.  All proceeds go to the Children's Cancer Institute Australia, and there are only three days left before the auction ends.  We donated three LARGE prints for the auction. YAY! ACES! and then some. We would be grateful if you could share this event, given only three days left. Cancer is never a nice thing, so anything we can do to improve the quality of life, and treatment for children with cancer will make this Christmas a little more joyous. And hey, there are so many amazing things on auction to bid on, and so many wonderful artists and designers who have donated.  It makes me feel good in so many ways!

Bondville Charity Auction - Children's Cancer Institute Australia

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