a thousand words

It's fair to say we don't have many photos of ourselves on the net.  There are some people who are in front of the camera all the time, and I wish I could do that, but the truth is, I hate having my photo taken.  Jason's not quite as bad as I am, actually I think he's one of those people who loves it! We are such opposites in so many ways. It's that difference that makes for a very entertaining working relationship.  And just to show we really are real people, here  is a little collage of some recent photos we took, of our work,  a little part of our home, and lastly, us.  

We hope you all have a lovely weekend, and thank you all for your patience with regard to our absence over the last week.  We are slowly getting back on track, and now back home following my grandmother's funeral.  It was an incredibly sad, but beautiful day.  See you all in a week or so....

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