room with a view

The thing I love about photography (and I've probably said this before) is its ability to capture a moment in time, unlike anything else.  I'm constantly inspired by what I see.  However, I can't, and certainly don't attempt to re-create that moment in a design.  It's impossible to portray it in its entirety.  The best I can do is try and convey the feeling within that moment, and I guess you could say that's what a lot of my work is about.  I won't speak for Jason in great detail, but I know he is of a similar mindset on this.  Here are two photos from our backyard.  The last one is the view from our deck.  We have two old buildings, one which needs to come down soon (originally a work shed) and what used to be the kitchen, which will be renovated.  Both date back to 1903. That might not seen like old to many of you, but Australia is a relatively young country, and that is old here.  And last but not least, I find myself wondering about those silos in the distance. I am not entirely sure if they are still in use.  Some days I love their imposing presence, other days they annoy me, for blocking the view of the mountains.  I'm hard to please. 

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