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Hey there lovely people, how's your week been? We have had a great week here, and some exciting news we want to share, but it's still too early, and we have to wait.  However, we can say  think home wares and interiors.  We promise to post about it as soon as we can, and there will be photos too.  

In other news this week, soggy weather, and destructive winds have all been a little too much, but there are hints of warmer things to come, and the inaluxe studio and our home will get a new roof, and exterior make over in time for Christmas.  We will be taking some time off during the building, simply because we won't be able to work around the builders during the whole process, but we'll do our best to minimise any time away from our online store.  

I'm terrible with words - really.  I am not a natural, so please excuse me if my posts sound all over the place. I think Jason is much better at it. 

And so with that admission, and little bit of catch up, I think it is time for me to get my feet into my big fat warm socks, relax, read, and have some vino.  I can't imagine doing a post without an image, so here is a design we've been working on over the last month, mind you, I painted these dots with ink in 2009, so there have been waiting a long time to show up in this form.  I did a post around that time with them and presto! here it is.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, and see you all soon. 

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