autumn almanac

Things are pretty mad crazy around here lately.  We seem to be way behind with all sorts of projects, from stationery, to fabric, to home wares, rugs, and of course, we are trying to squeeze in time for new work, and make all these things happen.  Rome was not built in a day, and I guess neither will these designs happen any time soon.  One of the designs that has happened is a new series we are working on is the Almanac series.  This one is Autumn Almanac, and the plan is to have four designs in the range representing the seasons. The inspiration for this was all things textured, lush, rich in tone, and almost something you could reach out and physically touch. We wanted dimension and depth, and bright colour.  the work represents aerial views, community landscapes, streets, intersections, etc. 

Autumn Almanac ©inaluxe

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