endemicworld + inaluxe

We have some exciting news!  We have entered into an awesome new partnership with endemicworld who are now producing a select range of our prints in their awesome studio in New Zealand, and they look beautiful.  It was important to endemicworld and us that the prints be made just like we do, and they look smashingly gorgeous!  Beautiful paper, archival, giclee, and printed just like we do with Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks. The thing we love about this new arrangement is that we are reducing our carbon footprint, and we are also working with a wonderful group of people and directly supporting New Zealand in the production and availability of our prints.  We are thinking locally and globally here, and it's such a wonderful thing when it works so beautifully. We are chuffed as! Here are some gorgeous photos of the endemic world pop up store, at 62 Ponsonby Rd Auckland, taken by Kristian Frires.


For more awesomeness on the pop up store, and endemicworld check out their blog 

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