on the verge

It's Saturday night here, and while this is normally a relax sort of time, we are still catching up from our month away from the studio. There's so much to do, and share, including a feature in real living magazine, some lovely blogs who featured our work, and of course, very slowly, sharing new work with you all as well.  We will be posting about some of the above during the week, however, for the moment, something that is fairly easy to do, is share this new piece with you all, titled On The Verge. In a literal sense, very much inspired by our continuing fascination of nature, however, it's more about people, and experiences. Being on the verge is a loaded and amazing feeling.  A shifting and turning point I suppose, and those moments can bring about significant change.  Enough from me, hope you are all enjoying the weekend! and more from Jason and myself soon. 

On The Verge

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