spring in the air

We are fast approaching spring here... quite a few of our trees are bursting at the seams with buds, just waiting to come out in an explosion of colour! It's possibly one of our favourite times of the year.  That feeling of change, just around the corner. Very exciting. Jason and I have been working on a new range in celebration of Spring, titled "Blossom".  It is true, we are super busy with our "of botany and birds" range, and also still adding to our Atlas range, but sometimes you just have to go where the mood takes you!   All large format size, and signed, coming to our store this weekend.  Here is one from the range... we affectionately refer to this one as "new life".  It is Blossom 7 in the range.
Footnote: The logo does not appear on the actual print in this location, or this size. :)

Blossom 7 - inaluxe 

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