Botanical Assembly No:1

How's that, another week gone.  We are ready for the weekend, and some fun!  Perhaps some baking is in order too.  It's winter here, the perfect time for baking, and the perfect time for woollen scarves, walking in the rain, the bush, long drives, fresh coffee, sleep ins, and soft pillows. Yes, what more could you ask for?  Some jazz to go with it of course!  Can't have an indulgent weekend without some Miles Davis, or Coltrane, or Monk. Truly.  So that's the run down of what's going on around here with the two super dags - us. 

Hopefully not daggy at all - our new print! Titled "Botanical Assembly 1" it's the first in a series of many more to come. We walked and collected, gathered little specimens from the ground, our backyard, the local bush, and then we sat and painted for weeeks.  The result is this first design. We're still exploring the Botanical theme here, and it's very early days, but we love this, and we hope you enjoy it too.  Happy weekend everyone! Oh, and I nearly forgot, you can now buy this giclee print in our store too.  And a little update - now also available in the large size.  

Botanical Assembly 1 - inaluxe

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