the state of little

We are in a 'state of little'. A little bit of gardening, a little bit of design, a little bit of a walk, a little glass of wine, a little sun, a little rain.  Autumn has fully landed, and winter is sneaking a peek in.  We have quite a few designs on the go at the moment, all in various stages from concept to completely finished - although most are somewhere in the middle.  Here are two we just finished. The first is titled "Belly Rubs & Fox Cubs" and we really love this piece. It's cuteness +! The foxes in the design are new versions of an older design which we had as a postcard, but never saw the light of day as an archival print.   Finally the foxes are represented the way they should be - centre stage! 

Belly Rubs & Fox Cubs - inaluxe

The second design is titled "Magnolia Light Box" and has been a work in progress for longer than I care to admit, but here it is... luminescent, bright, almost stained glass like, hence the light box reference. 

Magnolia Light Box - inaluxe

Both are now available in our online store YAY!

Also a really quick update on larger size prints.  We will be adding A3 and A3+ size options to some designs in the store very very soon.  Should all be up and available within the week. :) 

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