conversations in summer

It's summer here in Australia. It's hot, windy, there's that bleached neon light we have here - it's beautiful, but at times also incredibly harsh. We are in the middle of a super sweltering hot week, and as I type away, there's the soft hum of the air conditioner in the background, and Jason (too tired for much else) is reading Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood".  With all this heat, we've been getting out and about very early in the morning, and walking through the garden we observe daily changes! Like the peaches that get redder and bigger by the second, or the Mulberry Tree that is nearly finished its run... and then there are all the other flowers, and the birds.... who can forget the birds.  And the beautiful dappled morning light. So with summer well and truly in full force, we titled this new piece "Conversations In Summer" in celebration of the garden, the colours, and light we see every day.  Available now in our store.

"Conversations In Summer" 

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