the night sky

In between rain, ice, cold mornings, design work, deadlines, laughter, doctors appointments, and life as we know it - little moments of fun come out to play. We are having a blast working on some new designs with one of our favourites - Blue Q (more on this news when they are released) and we're happy as! 
Here's a new piece... inspired by the night sky here in the country. The stars here look bigger than city stars, and the sky rather than seem short or little, is like an endless deep thing - which is what we always think when it comes to night sky? Right? I thought so, but, it's like I'm seeing the night sky for the first time in my life. It's really something else! And then, perhaps I'm just re-discovering the wonder of the sky. Those twinkling little lights. Now available in our online store. 

night sky  - inaluxe

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