taking a breath

I went to bed last night barely awake when I hit the pillow.  It was raining, and the cool change was definately with us. It was the perfect moment, and I did not want for anything else.  I woke up feeling great --  knowing that after a busy week, I could rest. So I got inspired, picked up the camera (something I haven't had time for in yonks) and took a few photos of various corners in our home. 

The kitchen fireplace. It's really high - taller than me, which means I never see if it's dusty!  This is a little collection of things we like - ok, so mostly I collect them.  

The view from our  bedroom this morning - glorious sunshine!  We love  lying on the bed and watching sparrows and finches dart in and out of that tree.  The old windows will be replaced soon, with new windows that look like old windows! and the curtains will make way for wooden shutters eventually.  The second  image is from the dining / studio area... an old framed print that belonged to my grandfather, as well as some lovely chalkware fan vases in white -- and an open door!   There were more photos, plenty more, but how much can one person write!  Hope you're all having a great weekend!

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