the old country

Being born in Croatia, and having spent most of life in Australia, I sometimes miss a little bit of the old world  I experienced as a child. It's not the same as living here.  So this sentimental nostalgia brought up a bit of art from the old country.  Ivan Rabuzin's work really does feel like Croatia. It's how I remember it, and that makes me very happy!

He was born in the village Kjuc, near Novi Marof, Croatia in 1921. Rabuzin's father was a miner, and Ivan was the sixth of his eleven children. Ivan worked as a carpenter for many years, and did not begin painting until 1956, when he was thirty-five years old. He had little formal training as an artist, but his first exhibition of paintings proved successful and he changed careers, becoming a professional painter in 1962.  More information can be found via the links below. Sadly Ivan passed away in 2008. 

For more information see  /// rabuzin gallery  /// Ivan Rabuzin wikipedia 

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