love birds + storms

It's been sleepless nights around here all week. Humid temperatures, storms, rain, floods, and now we are stranded. Flooded highway means we can't go anywhere too far. We were lucky to have not sustained any water damage, but getting deliveries in, and mail in, is out of the question. Hopefully the roads open up again soon. Our thoughts and love go out to every single person who has been affected in one way or another by the floods in Australia. Locals in our community are stranded due to flooded roads in Halls Gap, the Pomonal Bridge got washed away last night, making getting in and out of there all the more difficult, and locally,  Kato lake flooded overnight. And all this within 15 minutes of us. I can only imagine what else happened. 

Jason and I are tired, and we watch the news, and get very emotional at the loss of life that has affected people from all communities. It's heartbreaking, and the resilience, and care people are showing to one another during this is really remarkable. I'm not sure how I'd go. 

So this post is a little bit about love really. I wasn't going to go on about it, but well... there you have it. I was going to talk about our new bird print.  Jason and I worked on this together. It is a print about love, and perhaps also finished in a timely fashion considering Valentine's Day is around the corner.  We  tried lots of ideas for a title, and kept going back to Lovebirds, so here it is - Lovebirds! Available in our online store.

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