inaluxe Christmas

An Inaluxe Christmas, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 

Yes, as the year closes to an end, and summer heats up, we folks at the southern side of the world feel the friendly tug of impending Christmas fun. Sure, a new(ish) country home adds a sense of freedom, and these cards provide a sense of completion for us, and hopefully for everyone else - fun!

Our friend the little donkey is the centre-piece of this fold-card collection. He knows the season, and our other colorful shapes offered in the accompanying cards are as festive as anything I've ever seen.

As usual, the team at Inaluxe worked hard putting these sets together. The firm paper sleeves that keep the cards snugly together, are made right here at home. Luckily we have a decent amount of music and coffee to fuel us as we assemble them. And although I think Kristina's photos are a great showcase, you really have to see these cards together to see how much the set works as a whole. Gorgeous! 
I might send myself a Christmas card or two just to get the feel of how nice it would be to get these in the mail.

The Inaluxe Christmas set of fold cards can be found here: the fun inaluxe christmas pack

Each pack contains...  
1 x Departure Lounge 1971 
1 x Jazz Moment 
1 x Seasons Greetings Donkey 
3 x round inaluxe design stickers
3 x envelopes
+ for the first 10 orders, we are including a pack of 5 mini donkey fold gift cards.... yeeeah!
and all this for only for $10.00AUD.  

Happy happy Holidays! 
Photo below is of the little donkey five pack mentioned above... :) 

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