Blue Q + inaluxe

I'm so excited I may end up waffling, so I'll keep this post short, and sweeeet! In late July we were approached by Blue Q to design a zipper shoulder tote and a zipper pouch. And presto, just like magic (well, loads of drafts, drawings, designs, emails etc...) beginning of September they were finished! Due for launch in January 2011, we are thrilled and excited! I have to say it was such a pleasure for both Jason and myself working with everyone at Blue Q. They are absolutely amazing, fun, supportive, inspiring, and well, just really really awesome! We love them, and we love what they do! They make such amazing things, and they produce their products in an ethical, sustainable fashion with a flair you just don't see often enough! Their passion and approach to working with people is really something else! Have a looksie here :)

Here's one of the initial draft designs... it's nothing at all like the finished work - we will post about the finished design in January when they have been launched! Promise.  Yeeeeahhhhh!

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