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Birds + 3

Posted: Jul 06 2010

One of the weirdest things about the creative process is getting side tracked.  Suddenly an idea I have and am totally mad about gets lost in the chaos of everyday, the latest best thing, the newest tick, scratch, itch, and so on. The idea to have a series of 10 birds paintings is one of those that constantly gets put on hold - by my brain! But, the good news is, it's slowly making progress - with a new bird now added to the flock! Meet the stylish jetsetter! That's the red pigeon with our little friends - peach rainbow and aqua bird. 

This is a new pack of three titled (aptly so) Birds 3. Printed (again) on 100% recycled velvet matt, and available in our etsy for worldwide customers - in US dollars, and at inaluxe online for Australian customers in AU dollars.  

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