one million

one million. could be one million voices, leaves, moments, thoughts, sentences, paragraphs, or ideas. The title hasn't been decided - yet. That's coming, but this is a NEW work, soon to hit the stands as a Giclee print, and possibly something else? Will see.  I've been in the house all day working on the computer, while Jase has been enjoying the shops, sunshine, outdoors, and running inaluxe errands. We are both having fun, and hope that your Friday is as relaxing and productive as you'd like it to be. Have a super weekend all! I promise a proper explanation of the inaluxe changes, and a real intro to Jason next week. 

+ seeing as winter has definately arrived, here's my idea of what 'perfect snow' would look like - sort of.  I played around with this piece today, and it makes me smile.  Now it's off to do some baking - gotta keep those fingers warm somehow!

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