symbols (for organisations that should've existed)

From my last post you can see I've been busy with new shapes, and pattern.  Jason said they look like "symbols for organisations that should've existed..." and I instantly saw what he meant by that. So much so, it has inspired a new series of work, titled just that " symbols for organisations that should've existed."  within this series each work will be an organisation... like the two below - first of many draft ideas, until we decide which ones will make the final cut!  It's all very fun working on these.

This one is titled "the midnight lovers" It's an Association set up for people who feel compelled to engage in extra marital affairs. Ha! well, ok, maybe not that, but it is titled "the midnight lovers" what happens in this association is probably more like listening to jazz wearing lots of black, smoking like it's going out of style - think 1950's 1960's. For fine lovers all over.... midnight lovers!

This one it titled "echo chamber (of commerce)" where there's a whole lot of yibber yabber, without much actually getting completed due to the overwhelming echo of everyone speaking over each other. So many smart people, who largely lack in the listening department. Ha!  

These are the first two to go in the set to whittle down. We are thinking postcards, with a few making it into print format. Hope you're all having a blast of a time! We are working on the house today. Pulling down some old exterior plastic roller blinds, and hopefully planting some more of the garden. xo later dudes (and dudettes).

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