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It's a pleasure having the opportunity to discuss aspects of your work with others, particularly when it makes you delve a little deeper, and start looking at describing your work. So when we heard from Stephen Clark from the Australian Financial Review about a story he was doing on Retro, we were excited and not quite sure he would want to speak with us, after hearing we didn't really see our work as retro.  The long and short of it is we had a fascinating telephone conversation where I (with some difficulty as an introvert, and with a good dollop of social dysfunction) attempted to find a way to describe our work, and the intention of the work.

I can't in all honesty say our work is mid century modern, or retro.  I believe that was a time in history, and what a glorious time it was.  I also believe each artists work has a basis relating to the past. Whether or not those links are tenuous, depends on the work, and the artist.

What influences our work? It's a big long list, and while you'll see names like Mark Rothko, Robert Rauschenberg, and the Bauhaus, there's always so much more to the story. Influences and inspiration are happening this very instance, and our art is a culmination of forty years of being alive.  Human beings by nature, pervert, twist, mangle, re-invent each decade.  We interpret in different ways. What's retro to one person isn't to the next.  It's open to interpretation.

Reading Stephen Clarks story was wonderful.  It wasn't just a pleasure to speak with him, but also helped shape some of those thoughts that have been knocking away in my head.  Thank you Stephen.

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