Hello Nature - tonal abstract explorations

When it comes to nature, you could say Jason and I are fascinated, and a little obsessed.  You'll see us outside in our garden observing daily changes, new growth, new buds, leaves, and without fail, we constantly learn and grow from observing what we could otherwise, quite easily take for granted. Here are some recent studies within the Botanical realm. Brush and ink collages with little splashes of colour.  This series coming to the store soon.


Hi Josefina, thank you for the kind words! We use all sorts of materials, from every paint you can think of, to pencils, markers, pastels, inks, and so on. :) Have a lovely day! Best wishes, Kristina.

INALUXE February 26, 2015

I really love your work!
I`m not quite sure how I discovered you yesterday but I am already a big fan of yours!

What kind of materials do you use for the collages and the other illustrations?

regards from Chile!


Josefina February 20, 2015

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