Feathered Friends

Jason and I were recently going through our folio of bird paintings and illustrations, and we had no idea we have so many.  It was like finding something dear you hid as a child.  There's that familiarity, and lovely memories, but there's also fresh eyes.  One thing led to another, and before we knew it we were compiling a deluxe collection of some of our favourites.  We're still not finished, and the wonderful thing about this collection is it will grow, as we do, and our pets, gardens, and children grow.  
Our fascination with birds is steadily increasing, with their peculiar habits, or calls, physical attributes, needs for survival. We find all of this as amazing as looking at their lovely plumage, if not more so.  We both watched that film "The Big Year" and we know that maybe one day that might be the two of us. Travelling the world to see the birds. 
This collection is a lush series of birds printed professionally on beautiful 300gsm fine art cotton rag. Each archival museum grade print will last a lifetime, and each print is hand signed.   The birds are large, and paper texture is velvety and smooth.  There is no fussy background here, they are the stars in this movie. 
We've included little factual introductions about each bird in the store too.  Not only is it lovely to engage on a visual level, but hopefully in other ways too.  A collection for young and old.

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