Waratah Abstract Art Print - our love of Australian Native Flora

Continuing our fascination for native Australian plants, The Waratah illustration is part of our Woodland collection,  and it's now available as a fine art print in the inaluxe online store.  Jason and I have never had much luck with growing these, and the same could be said for the Banksia, but we will keep trying!  I believe it's the soil.  In the meantime, we enjoy them from a distance, and of course, we celebrate their beauty in our work.  Big, juicy, bright flowers are so awesome, what's not to love, and naturally, we want to paint them all!  Have you seen the inaluxe site lately? Lots of new work.  Sadly, due to a severe case of the flu earlier this year, we did not update most of what's been happening, but we're back now... and loving it. Have a lovely weekend everyone.  It's out into the garden for us. So much fun!

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