How many vases does it take to make a painting

Thought I'd share some of the new work that's coming out of the studio lately. As there are two of us, and we work on so many different projects at one time, the work that comes out can be quite varied, and that's one of the things we love about designing for inaluxe. 

These paintings are largely inspired by my love of forms in all their three dimensional glory. Art as function, but function is art too. It's a win win.  While we work hard at getting an actual kiln and creating some of our own ceramics, I will keep admiring, collecting, and being inspired by the work of other people. 

The four gorgeous pieces below are a recent purchase from Vintage Retro Vases in the Netherlands. As I await for their journey across the seas, I will keep on painting vases, bowls, scu lptures. The two pieces on top are both work in progress paintings of mine.  Early days, but loving this journey. 

image credit: the vase photographs are via Vintage Retro Vases.

paintings credit:


inaluxe paintings seen with retro vintage vases

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