Into The Wild Earth Greetings + Inaluxe

I must fess up now, and share that for the last three months of 2015, I was partially blind.  It was a terrible time for us, but we got to the bottom of the problem, thanks to several doctors visits, and eye specialists, my greatest fear that this was permanent was set aside. The cause of the swelling and blurred vision on both eyes was never determined, although most likely a severe environmental allergic reaction, and/or possibly an immune deficiency issue. I still have a small lump on one eyelid, but this year has been smooth sailing! Thank you eyeballs for not giving up on me!
The reason I mention this is that while we still managed to work, and keep things going, the blog did not get updated, and all these exciting and fun new collaborations, and new work, did not get shared. But we really would like to get a handle on this, so you'll probably see quite a bit of posting over the next week, in an attempt to catch up with the last 9 months. 
One of the highlights this February was the launch of "Into The Wild." A bright new collection we collaborated on with Earth Greetings.  Some of our favourite birds appear in the range, including the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, The Twenty-Eight Parrot, as well as some sweet little Honey Eaters.  A new exploration for us included a little Bilby, and also a Numbat.   Of course, there is always a flower or two in the mix.  We had such a great time working on these.

Jason and I are both thrilled to be back on top of things, and look forward to sharing some exciting new Earth Greetings with you soon!  Photos via Earth Greetings, photographed and styled by the awesome Katie Waddell. 

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