Our Home on Apartment Therapy

Our home was recently featured on Apartment Therapy House Tours. A big thank you to Natalie Jeffcott for the photographs and feature, and Apartment Therapy House Tours! 

It's always a little bit weird sharing your space with the world, because I'm think we're more hard wired to see what needs improving, and not the fun side of it.  However, these are the exact reasons why we shared our home. This is where we live, and work. Our lives are constantly changing, and so does our environment. Jason's a minimalist, although what you don't see in the photos is his massive collection of Star Wars figures from his childhood. I'm  looking forward to adding more pattern, texture, and colour to our home. 

Just before the photoshoot, we embarked on a big change up of the studio, moving our work space into a second room, so neither this space, or the studio got to that completed stage, but hey... that's life right? Always something new happening. 

We hope you check the feature out, and enjoy a little look into our world. 

Foyer with sofas, art work, and sunshine.

Inaluxe interior living room with grey sofa, wood ceiling, and featured art work

Innaluxe living room, sofa, art, rugs, wooden floorinaluxe kitchen wood, stool, window

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