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Superb Lyrebird


Endemic to Australia, the Superb Lyrebird, measuring approximately 100 centimetres long, has an extraordinary ability to accurately mimic the sounds it hears. And while males and females both sing, the male is louder, and likes to sing more often. The male sports an elaborate tail, consisting of sixteen feathers, with the two outermost resembling a lyre. It takes seven years for the tail to develop fully. 

Printed on A4 paper (21cm x 29.7cm)  this special collection is hand signed.
300gsm fine art 100% cotton rag paper. Archival quality, these prints are luxurious, and last a lifetime. 
Shipping Ships within 3 business days, in a nifty folder, in a bend proof mailer.
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 Frame is for display only, and not included.  ©inaluxe


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