the great australian bight

Looks like shells, pebbles, and little flowers. It's a little bit ocean, and a little bit earth. A new ltimited edition   piece of 200 finished on the weekend.  It's titled "The Great Australian Bight" and available in our store.YAY!

We both had the roughest sleep last night, but we have more to share with you all later today -- including the two winners of our competition giveaway (which is now closed - thanks everyone!). But for now, it's time for plenty of coffee, some fresh air, and a whole lotta berocca! Got to get the b-b-bounce happening.  The weekend was hectic - we worked through it on some deadlines... really do need a holiday soon, which reminds me, our shops will be closed for approx two weeks around  easter - heads up, as they say!

The Great Australian Bight

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