we found gelati in the woods

A funny title for a gorgeously adorable little bird! This is a new print taken from our gouache painting.  It's pouring rain here, and there's that cold, sharp, bite in the air that says "winter is coming..." it's nice. It's even nicer when we have warm sunny days -- which we have  had all week! 

Having said that, we are getting the house all cosy for winter. I can feel a sewing cushions spree coming on, and or (gasp) maybe some knitting - but knitting should probably be left well and truly alone: I'm a manic knitter.  I'm not patient, so I have to hurry it along, and do nothing else until the project (usually a scarf) is finished. I'm also terribly slow at it. Lets just say through sharing this with you, I have realised  the sewing is a much better choice - sooo I best get those knitting needles to the op-shop pronto!  Have a great weekend! 

we found gelati in the woods - gouache on paper

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