the happiness

Today is very exciting! Lots of activity going on in the backyard with building of our deck underway! Might all be finished, as well as the new windows next week! YAY! We will post before and after photos when it's done - promise! Geoff our builder is not only a long time family friend to Jason, but also such a great guy! It's funny to think he knew Jason way back when Jason was only two feet tall... so cute!  
We had some bad news yesterday about a design of ours appearing on wooden coasters. - the bad news part is, we did not know anything about it, nor agree to it, nor did we get a licensing fee. So essentially that means,  the design was stolen.  Really do not understand how people feel ok about  casually cruising the internet, and just helping themselves to other people's art work and then making money from that.
Anyway something nice to end on... here's "the happiness..." just worked on this today.

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