papery things

In all my years of sewing, I've never made a garland. It's unbelievable when you think about how amazing they are, what fun they are to put together, and how exciting it is seeing it all come to life. So anyway... I was tidying up today and found a little paper box, whose contents turned out to be bits of paper, and fabric I started saving a few years ago.  So in an effort to reduce the amount of "Stuff" I hang onto, I decided to give the garland a whirl, and well... it was fun, very relaxing, and for a little while I didn't think about anything but cutting paper, and sewing. Lovely. Here it is hanging from our shade in the bedroom. Final destination unknown, but I think I am going to like waking up in the morning and just looking at it for a while.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! See you soon, and we hope whatever you're doing, it's fun, and weekend like! :)

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