60 reasons

I have about 60 things to do today. Seriously. I might be blind come 11.30pm this evening, but I will manage it - somehow. Luckily, this 60 things to do is shared between Jason and myself. All I can say is thank goodness inaluxe is a twosome! and not a lonesome. One way of dealing with such a busy day is taking time out to do normal things - like blog! (even though I feel very naughty, but maybe that's the appeal). 

So I really wanted to blog about this amazing sofa for sometime now, and I would very much like to own one! Even the name is beautiful - Uki. And who can go past the stunning grey. It might mean a trip to the big smoke, but it's on my wishlist. Another beautiful design from one of our favourites - Jardan.

Of course, I think this bed is fabulous, and would work beautifully in our home, but then all the above pieces from Jardan could very easily fit right in! choices choices. My minds still firmly planted on Uki, oh okay... and that bed! Off to eat now... and then onto the 59 things on the list. Have a gorgeous week! xo K
*All images courtesy of Jardan website*

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