the lights are on

The "lights are on but no one's home" is one of my favourite sayings. Perhaps because I find myself in this situation more than I care to admit. I'm slow, and awkward in certain situations. Don't tell me a joke - I won't get it. It will be an uncomfortable moment, where you wait for my response with an eager and steadfast gaze, and I will return this eager, and steadfast gaze with a blank stare - and red face. So, no jokes, unless I'm telling them. That's another kind of 'embarassing' where I can't tell a joke to save my life. But it doesn't matter, I'm always laughing my head off - right off almost. Not sure which of these is more anti-social and awakward. People are weird huh?!

On a more gorgeous note, how beautiful is the light below... for more see meublesetfonction.  I'd like it in a  big old factory turned residence, mixed with concrete walls, old graffiti, loads of texture, and some real life dirt, and mess! ie: pets, cushions, vintage and industrial setting. Coffee cup stains on the table. Nice :) 

Well, that's the Sunday rant out of the way... hope whatever you're doing it is delightful, fun, and not a red face moment. big hugs! xo

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