viking fleet at rest

We are in the name zone. I worked on this new piece yesterday, and then we did a test print and looked at it for a while last night (in between episodes of Twin Peaks!)  The name is there somewhere... I think Jason has it on the tip of his tongue. It's a hand painted gouache mixed media piece.  So many thoughts, but no name - yet!

UPDATE: some hours later... We have a name! Say hello to the "Viking fleet at rest" and yes, it was Jason who came up with it. I love the name... all those ships front on, neatly positioned, and the super large sparkling stars. You can almost smell the sea air! If you'd like your own viking fleet print, check out our online store, we'll be adding them later today.  Limited Edition of 50 only.

I'd just like to take this moment to thank everyone who blogs about us, and everyone who comes and visits here too. We love the online community of blogging and the internet! We've been extremely busy the last month and a bit  (more on why soon) and have not been able to keep up with posts, and thank you's as much as we'd like. But we do care... xo

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