I love... christmas card

Well, this is called "maybe xmas..." maybe because whilst it was initially going to be a design for a christmas card, it kind of turned into something more self indulgent. Not sure if we'll expand on the text aspect of things, (will show my inaluxe partner when he gets home) but I am liking that tree quite a-lot!  This is the kind of card you'd give to the most bestest person in your life. The one who loves you no matter you've just made the biggest fool of yourself - you're still the apple of their eye!

Thanks for the question Carmel... The words say...

I love
the way you smell
your smiling eyes
sleeping in with you
your taste in music
your big bushy beard
the way you never laugh (loudly)
when I slam into glass storefront doors
the fact that even though I have the scariest morning hair
you still think I'm the most beautiful woman in the world.

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