mister inaluxe + porter wagoner

For your listening pleasure - some titles from the Omni Recording Corporation that Jason did the sleeve notes for.  Aside from being a talented artist in his own right, and much anticipated addition to inaluxe (more on this soon)  Jason is also one heck of a writer. He has this incredible brain that just works like a well oiled machine: the amount of knowledge he has with music just blows me away. I love his passion, and being a Porter Wagoner fan especially, I can't wait to get my hands on this CD - shipping in June.  

Above are other titles Jason has written the sleeve notes for, including the new Dolly Parton compilation available through the Omni Recording Corporation, and only the best music stores! For more info and to buy see OmniA little note for Carmel - thank you for the huge big laugh! A photo of mister inaluxe coming soon... xo (we both loved your previous comment).

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